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The story takes place in an alternative universe where although the setting and the characters' dress would suggest a rural time period, the existence of air ships that can carry thousands of passengers would prove it otherwise.

The film opens high above the sky, where a small air balloon/craft with a pirate symbol is looming over a gigantic air passenger ship. On signal, four mini-air crafts eject from the balloon craft and flap towards the passenger ship.

Sheeta, our heroine, is on the huge passenger ship and is being held captive in a cabin occupied by a group of men in suits. She stares sadly out the window, but then something catches her eye. Out of nowhere, the four mini-air crafts appear at her window. Captain Dola of the Dola pirates peers through the window and gives an eerie grin to Sheeta. With that, she propels her craft forward to the front of the passenger ship. Without haste, the pirates board the ship, but before they can get into Sheeta's cabin the group of men in suits stop them with guns. Meanwhile, the leader of the group, Mooska, remains in the room with Sheeta while he uses a tele-graph machine to ask for rescue. Sheeta, taking advantage of his occupied state of mind, picks up a wine bottle and knocks him over the head. Once he became unconscious, she reaches into his pocket, and takes out a beautiful blue pendant. Outside the cabin, the pirates have broken through, but when they open the door to the cabin, no one is in there. They peer out the window and sees that Sheeta is dangling outside the ship, with the pendant around her neck, she tries to climb over to the cabin next door. The pirates try to grab her, and in her panic, Sheeta loses her grip and plunges down through the clouds below...

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