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Sheeta is falling through the sky, when suddenly a brilliant blue light flashes from her pendant and beings to levitate her, allowing her to fall gently downwards.

On the ground, Pazu our young hero, is buying dinner for his boss. The town is quite rural, and the central business would appear to be the mine. When Pazu is walking back towards the open mine, he spots a glowing blue light in the sky descending. Upon closer inspection, he sees that it is really a person. As the body descends closer to him, he reaches out towards it and carries her to the floor and he is in awe as to how the girl could have fallen from the sky. But he does not have time to give it any thought as his boss calls for his help with the machinery. Pazu tries to tell his boss what just happened, but his boss is too pre-occupied to listen, and goes home without allow Pazu to speak.

Pazu, seeing no other alternative, carries Sheeta back to his home and allows her to stay for the night. Early in the morning, he wakes up on the floor to see her sleeping peacefully on his bed. Pazu goes outside his little house and begins to play a glorious morning tune on his trumpet. Sheeta awakes to the music, and is shocked to see herself in the strange surroundings. Pazu tells her what had happened, and she thanks him for his kindness. Pazu then asks to wear Sheeta's pendant and Sheeta, who seems to have no knowledge of the pendant's power, gives it to him. Pazu grins a silly grin to Sheeta and then jumps off the roof of his house. His attempt to be levitated fails and he falls hard on the ground. After laughing the incident off, Pazu shows Sheeta around his house

There are a lot of model airplanes around, and Pazu explains to Sheeta his desire to fly as his father had. When he sees Sheeta staring at a picture of a castle amongst clouds, he explains it was a picture taken by his Dad during a voyage in the sky. It is Laputa, he explains, castle in the sky. His father tried to tell people about it he says, but no one would believe him. In his sadness, he died, and that is why Pazu must find Laputa again to prove to everyone that his Dad was telling the truth.

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