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Suddenly, a car appears on the street outside Pazu's house. It is the Dola pirates. As two of them approach the house, Pazu quickly grabs Sheeta, who is in disguise, outside. They are questioned as to whether they have seen a girl (Sheeta), but Pazu lies with a negative response and quickly runs away. As they are running, one of the men discovers Sheeta's dress in the house. (How did they get in so fast? And why did they go in after Pazu tells them he knows nothing?) The two men chase after our hero and heroine, and chase them to the home of Pazu's boss. There, the two pirates meet up with two more of their gang, and while Pazu and Sheeta hide in the house, they confront the boss. While the men outside are busy showing off each other's biceps and power, Pazu and Sheeta escape through the back door.

On a high cliff, Captain Dola peers through binoculars and realizes the children have escaped. She hurriedly picks up the other pirates, and proceeds to recklessly chase Pazu and Sheeta. The two, having climbed aboard the train of a friend, fight off the pirates' attempts to board. However, just when they think they are safe, a government army tank/train appears before them. Sheeta recognizes the people in the tank as the men who captured her and flees with Pazu right behind her. With the two different groups both chasing the two heroes and with the army opening fire on the pirates, the railroad tracks begins to collapse, and Pazu and Sheeta are left dangling on a piece of wood. As much as they try to hold on, their grasp slips and they plung into an open mine pit. But as all those above watch their descent, the blue light flashes from Sheeta's pendant once more and their drop is slowed down dramatically. Pazu cries out in joy, while Sheeta, with shock in her eyes, holds his hand while they drop further and further below.

They arrive safely on the ground and the two begin to walk through the dark tunnels in search of an opening. There, they are met up with an old miner named Uncle Pom, who tells them the rocks have been restless lately. Pazu and Sheeta are puzzled and so Uncle Pom explains what he means by restless rocks. He blows out his lantern, leaving them in pitch darkness when suddenly all the rocks in the cave start to glow blue just as Sheeta's pendant did. When Sheeta takes out her pendant, they see it is glowing the most brilliant of all. Uncle Pom explains all the rocks contain traces of "levitation stone", but they turn back into ordinary rocks when they are exposed to air. He tells Sheeta her pendant is a levitation crystal, the same kind that Laputa uses to float in the sky, and that only those from Laputa can possess such a crystal. Pazu cries out in joy that Laputa does indeed exist, and now his ambition to go to the castle is propelled to an even greater degree.

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