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Once Pazu and Sheeta have exited the cave, Sheeta confess a secret to Pazu. She tells him her full name is in fact Lusheeta Toelle Ul Laputa, meaning she is a descendent of the people of Laputa. But before Pazu has the chance to question her, an army plane appears and captures the pair.

They are taken to an army fortress where Pazu is placed in a prisoner cell, while Sheeta is taken to a lavish room. Mooska does not listen to Sheeta's pleas, but insists she follows him to a room in the dark basement. There, he reveals to her a broken robot lying on the cold floor. It is a robot from Laputa he explains to her. It had fallen from the sky a while back, and it is this robot that has raised the government's interest to find Laputa. He then calls Sheeta by her full name, a name that she has never revealed to anyone except for Pazu. She is a descendent of the royal Laputa throne he tells her, and only she can awaken Laputa from its deep slumber. He gives her an ultimatum. Help him, or they will keep Pazu locked up forever. Realizing she has no choice, she tells Pazu to forget about Laputa and forget about her. Pazu is pleads with Sheeta to change her mind, but she does not, and Pazu was escorted out.

Upon returning to his home, the deeply saddened Pazu is greeted by the Dola pirates who demand to have Sheeta. They laugh at Pazu for being such a failure in trying to protect Sheeta, and Pazu realizes Sheeta pushed him away because she was trying to save him. The pirates receive an intermission that the army will be using the giant army ship Goliath to take Sheeta away from the fortress in the morning, they immediately proceeded to intercept it. Pazu begs the pirates to take them along, and when Captain Dola half realizing his sincerity and half realizing the advantage of his presence, agrees to his request.

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