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Back as the fortress Sheeta stares sadly outside the window of her room. She thinks back to a time when she was sad as a child, and her Nana told her a rhyme to use in distress. Sub-consciously, Sheeta recites the rhyme out loud, and then all chaos breaks loose. Blue light flashes from the pendant, and its power engulfs everything in the room. Mooska tries to touch the pendant, but he pulls back in pain as the pendant would not permit him to do so.

The power of the pendant also awakes the broken robot, and it proceed to destroy everything in its path while trying to reach its master, Sheeta. Sheeta escapes to the top of the fortress tower, where suddenly Sheeta's pendant projects a thin blue beam into a part of the sky. The robot, having found her, captures Sheeta in his hand and destroys everything that tries to separate her from it. The fortress is set ablaze, as fire consumes nearly every inch of the magnificent fortress. Sheeta cries for it to stop its destruction, but it does not understand. The army attacks in full force, and the robot is greatly handicapped. At the same time, the pirates arrive and Pazu cries out for Sheeta. Sheeta answers Pazu's call, but she cannot reach him. Then the robot suddenly reaches out to grab Sheeta who, believing it is trying to stop her from leaving, struggles to get free. But then the robot gently places her on a ledge, and that's when Sheeta realizes all that the robot had been trying to do was to protect her. Just as Sheeta is about to say good-bye to her new friend, the army destroys it. Torn to see its destruction, Sheeta cries out with pain. After a daring attempt, Pazu reaches down from below the mini-craft and yells at Sheeta to jump. In a blink of an eye, Sheeta lands safely in Pazu's arms and they fly away to safety leaving behind clouds of smoke.

In the midst of the battle and rescue, Sheeta's pendant had drop to the ground. After the confusion had clear up, Mooska and his men finds it and see that its blue beam (pathway to Laputa) continues to beam. Knowing he does not need Sheeta anymore to find Laputa, Mooska grins and orders for the immediate departure of Goliath.

High above the sky in the flappers, Sheeta and Pazu are still recovering from a state of shock and sadness, but they beg Captain Dola to let them join the crew so that they can all search for Laputa. The Captain Dola objects to the idea at first, but later agrees. As the flappers continue to fly towards their mother ship, Sheeta and Pazu takes a last look at Pazu's little house and say their good-byes.

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