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Upon return to the mother ship, both Pazu and Sheeta are assigned tasks. Pazu is taken to the engine room where he is to help with the machinery. Sheeta, after telling Captain Dola about the path of beam the pendant projected, is sent to work in the kitchen.

At night, Pazu is awaken to take his shift on the night watch. Because both the pirate ship and the Goliath are in a race for time, the pirates must keep a look out for the enemy. Sheeta, seeing Pazu pass by her bedroom door, decides to join him. As they stood alone high above the sky, the two discussed their fate and their future, and Sheeta reveals to Pazu that she knows a destruction spell passed through her family that is supposedly so terrible that she should never use it. As Sheeta and Pazu talk intimately to one another, they are not aware that the entire crew is listening to their whole entire conversation. As their conversation is drawing to a close, Pazu suddenly notices a shadow beneath their ship, and with sudden realization, he sounds the alarm that Goliath is right beneath them!!!

The entire crew awakens at once, and quickly dive the ship into the clouds to avoid a confrontation (for the flimsy Pirate ship would surely lose to the Goliath which is 20 times its size and power). Pazu is instructed to fly in a kite-craft, attached to the ship, in order to keep watch above the clouds, and Sheeta joins him. As a security measure, Pazu tells Sheeta to use a rope to tie and hold them together so that neither one could be blown away. Goliath seems to have disappeared, but an enormous cyclone made of clouds is right at the bow of the ship. Pazu realizes the cyclone fits his father's description of Laputa's location. But before the pirates has the chance to proceed, Goliath appears and attacks the ship. In the battle, the ship is blown into pieces, and the kite is cut loose from it.

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