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Incredibly strong winds pull the kite-craft into the cyclone, and as Pazu and Sheeta fly uncontrollably towards the column of cloud, they are both knocked unconscious. Pazu, in a dream-like state, thinks he sees his father's ship.

When the kite emerges through the wind into the eye of the cloud, it lands on a patch of grass, and Pazu and Sheeta are thrown to the ground. Then, as the clouds part, the most glorious castle that could ever be imagined is revealed. When they awaken, the twosome realize they have reached Laputa. The castle, is built from the foundation of an enormously magnificent tree, with branches that spread in a glorious fashion. (I was in awe when I first saw this in the theatre. The animation in combination with the music is breathtaking).

In the midst of their celebration, a robot identical to the one at the fortress approaches them. Somehow, Sheeta understands the robot and realizes it is their friend. The robot instructs them to follow him, and takes Pazu and Sheeta through the castle. There, they see the most wondrous plantations, the most exotic creatures, and a magnificent city that is underwater. As they stare into the open sky above them (the Laputians were so advanced that they built walls which appeaedr to be walls from the outside, but is invisible when viewed inside) they realize Laputa is made of a technology that is beyond the comprehension of anyone on Earth.

Continuing to follow the robot, they are led to the center of the castle, or the trunk of the tree, and to the grave where the last Laputians laid. There, Sheeta cries for her ancestors who once lived in this remarkable castle.

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