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The sound of rifles firing echo through the castle. Sheeta and Pazu quickly run to see what caused the noise, and are greeted by the shocking appearance of the Goliath and thousands of soldiers invading the castle. They can also see the wreck of the Pirate ship, and the crew captured and bounded by ropes. When sneaking a peek into the interior of the palace, they see the soldiers ransacking the castle, ripping from it its jewels, gold and other valuables.

Formulating a plan, Pazu and Sheeta decide to free the pirates by reaching the column beneath where the pirates are held. However, the column is separated from the main ledge, and in order to reach it, they must jump over a huge distance. Realizing they have no other alternatives, Pazu takes the first leap, and struggles to hang on as he climbs higher and higher on the column. But each time he climbs higher, the column is destroyed more and more. Meanwhile, Mooska along with his men, is flipping through a little notebook as he search for the "real" jewel of Laputa. As Pazu continues to climb, Sheeta sees Mooska is holding the pendant in the palm of and as he held the pendant in front of another symbol on the wall, the wall magically disappears and a secret opening appears...... Suddenly, a block of the column falls down the sky, and the noise catches the men's attention. Just as one of them is about to fire at Pazu, Sheeta lunges at them to prevent the shot from being fired straight. Pazu, by now has reached an opening at the column, and sees that the men have captured Sheeta. As he shouts for them to stop, the men pulls Sheeta into the secret opening, and the secret wall closes behind them. The soldiers above Pazu start firing at him and one throws a grenade. Above, Captain Dola suddenly feels a burst of smoke beneath where she is sitting. Upon closer inspection, she realizes Pazu is removing the bricks from beneath her. Once he had removed enough bricks, Pazu was able to cut Captain Dola loose with his knife. Pazu tells them he must go save Sheeta, and Captain Dola gives him a gun and two bullets that she had hidden in her pants. He has become a brave boy, she remarks.

Mooska, Sheeta and the men enters the center of Laputa. The inside is nothing like what its appearance is. It is cold, dark, technological, and solemn. Not at all like the beauty, peace, nature and harmony that the outer shell possesses. When they reached the royal chamber, Mooska orders his men to wait outside while he takes Sheeta with him.

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