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The room that they have entered is covered with the roots of the tree. There is no light, and the two walks in silence, their steps echo through the empty corridors. Finally, Mooska found what he was looking for. Having found the door to final room, Mooska enters a place filled with weeds...and the levitation crystal; the crystal which allows Laputa to float in the sky. Mooska uncharacteristically rejoices in happiness, and appears frantic as he celebrates. Looking behind the levitation stone, Mooska finds what he is looking for. It's a small black plaque on the ground with Laputian language written on it, and as Mooska flip through his little notebook, he smiles knowing that he is able to understand what it says.

Sheeta asks Mooska why he knows so much about Laputa. Mooska answers that he too, like her, is a royal descendent of the Laputians. Their family went their separate ways when they got to Earth, but Mooska made it his life's quest to find Laputa. Mooska runs the pendant over the black plaque. Suddenly, parts of Laputa start to move around. As the soldiers watch in shock, a wall opens in front of them, and they hear the voice of Mooska above inviting them to go through. All the soldiers run through the tunnel onto a platform that overlooked the sky. Suddenly, a holographic vision of Laputa and a bounded Sheeta appears before them. Mooska demonstrates the power of Laputa by activating a nuclear blast towards the Earth. The soldiers were motionless, but the Captain started firing at the holographic vision. Mooska laughs at his pitiful attempt, and reaches out to the black plaque once more. Sheeta tries to stop him, and cries to the soldiers they must run!!! It is too late. Mooska, runs the pendant over the plaque, and the floor where the soldiers are standing opens, dropping everyone into the open sky.

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