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Once they return to the chamber, Mooska activates giant robots (ones which resembled the one at the fortress) which begin to attack the soldiers. As the soldiers scrambled for their lives, the Goliath begins to leave, leaving many soldiers on the planet with the robots, and many dangling for their lives. The Goliath opens fire at Laputa, but it is no use. Mooska orders the flying robots to start attacking the giant battle ship, and soon the Goliath plunge through the sky in a gulf of fire.

Sheeta incensed, sees Mooska laughing as the Goliath is plunging into destruction. Wrenching free of the ropes, she grabs the levitation stone off Mooska, and runs back into the black corridors.

Meanwhile, Pazu begins to climb into Laputa through one of the tunnels that had held the flying robots. With his gun in hand, he cries out Sheeta's name.

As Sheeta searches desperatly for an exit, Mooska calmly follows her, telling her it is no use to flee. Nearly at the end of all hope, Sheeta hears Pazu's cries, and answers them. Following each other's voices, the twosome find each other, but they are separated by a thick wall. Pazu tells Sheeta to move away so that he can blast through, but Sheeta tells him it is too late, and gives him the levitation stone. "Take it and throw it into the sea", cries Sheeta. At the moment Pazu catches the crystal, Mooska catches Sheeta and fires a shot at Pazu. "Give me back the crystal, or else the girl is dead" he says.

Pazu uses his last remaining bullet to blast through the wall, and follows the footsteps of Mooska as the villan chase Sheeta into the Royal Chamber. There, Sheeta tells him it is all over. Mooska orders Sheeta to retrieve the levitation crystal pendant, but Sheeta's refused and Mooska fires on Sheeta's two braids. Next is your hear he claims. "Stop!!" Pazu shouts. He has the crystal, but he demands to speak to Sheeta first. Mooska, unaware that Pazu was out of ammunition, gives Pazu his wish while he himself reloads his gun. Sheeta and Pazu embrace, both knowing neither one would leave the chamber alive. "The pirates are safe", he tells her, "teach me the destruction spell". Pazu opens the palm of his hand, and there lies the crystal. Sheeta smiles knowing the others are safe and sadly agrees. Hand in hand, they turn around to face to Mooska. Pazu drops his gun on the ground, and they recite the spell. A bright flash erupts through the palace. The giant levitation crystal surges from the chamber room, and upwards through the palace. In the midst of the crystal's power, Pazu and Sheeta are thrown onto the roots of the great tree. As the crystal travels upward through the palace, every last piece of stone in the bottom half of the castle begins to break away. As all of the horrific man-made technology plunges into the sky, only the beautiful tree and the garden above remain.

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