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Sheeta and Pazu awaken and surprised that they are both alive. Mooska had fallen to his death with the destruction of the palace, but Sheeta and Pazu were saved because of the roots. Pazu and Sheeta find their kite-craft, and with one final push, they glided away from Laputa. As the now much lighter castle floats higher and higher up the sky, Pazu and Sheeta's last glimpse of the castle is that of the peaceful garden and the gentle robot with its animal friends.

As the kite continues to sail, they find the pirates who were able to escape safely. They all embrace in jubilation, before separating once more to go their separate ways. The pirates, with some of the newfound wealth they found on Laputa, went off to start new lives. Sheeta and Pazu fly off into the sunset to return to their homes and to live happily ever after.

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