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An old man trudges into a deserted village with his two ostrich companions. The village has been deserted for a long time, and all is covered by poisonous fungus and gas. With a gas mask around his face to protect himself, the man explores a house in hopes of finding something...anything. The house itself is covered with unrecognizable poisonous plants. The only sign that people used to live here is a little doll lying on the ground, but as the old man picks it up, it crumbles in his hand. Another village is dead. As he exits the house, he sees that there are large flying insects in the sky. "This place, too, will soon sink into the Fukai", he says sadly. With that, he departs.

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Technology has ruined mankind. People developed large destructive fire demons that stomped over the world leaving behind them an Earth destroyed and nearly dead. Harmful chemicals and technology infested our Earth and strange creatures had started to grow. Poisonous plants and creatures made up large regions called Fukai (poisonous sea), and these places began to take over many parts of the world. As darkness almost covers the entire world, an angel appears and is greeted by the people who were left from the war. Soon, that image of the flying angel who rescues the world slowly fades, and we see our heroine Princess Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind, flying on her jet-powered glider like the angel...gliding through the clouds over the destructive land below her.

Nausicaš guides her glider Mehve to land right on the edge of a Fukai. Taking her gun, she steps into its darkness. With the protective gas mask around her face, Nausicaš explores the Fukai. She calmly passes by giant insects while collecting samples of the plants. Suddenly, she sees it: A huge and beautiful shell of the Ohmu, lord of the insects. With its hard shell and multiple eyes, this creature is usually fearsome and threatening to all mankind. However, one could not help but appreciate the beauty of its shell as it stands in solitude in the Fukai, with the afternoon sun reflecting off its multiple eyes. Nausicaš gasps in amazement. This is the first time that she has ever seen a complete shell. She draws her sword and lightly strikes against the shell, producing a beautiful sound. She attempts to crack it open by hitting it with her swor at full force, but not even a dent is produced. "What an excellent material it will provide for the villagers", she exclaims. While continuing to marvel at the shell, she decides to take one of its eye coverings back to her village. Placing gun powder around one of the coverings, she is able to separate it from its shell. Suddenly, gentle white flakes starts falling like snow. It is a plant spreading its afternoon spores. It is very beautiful, but as Nausicaš remarks, if she is not wearing the mask, she will be dead within five minutes.

Nausicaš lies peacefully among the spores when suddenly she hears a sound. Then the sound of a gun shot. Quickly rushing to the nearest opening, Nausicaš attempts to see what is the cause of all the commotion. It is an Ohmu, and its eyes are fiery mad indicating its anger. Realizing the person who cried for help is escaping the wrong way, Nausicaš fires a signal flare to redirect that person and then she receives the response she wants. Now knowing where the person is headed, Nausicaš jumps onto Mehve and quickly flies into the sky. From her aerial view, she sees the old man and his two ostriches running for their lives as they are chased by the red-eyed Ohmu. Signaling the old man and telling him to keep running, Nausicaš talks to the Ohmu, but obviously to no avail. Once the old man is out of the way, Nausicaš ejects several flare bombs from her glider and the brilliant flash of light instantly puts the Ohmu to sleep. Then, with a little wooden bug whistle, Nausicaš awakes the Ohmu, but this time its eyes are a soft calm blue. As if forgetting it was on a killing path just seconds earlier, the Ohmu follows Nausicaš's whistle and goes back into the Fukai.

Sometime later, the old man is waiting for Nausicaš by several windmills. As her glider approaches, she jumps off in a rush, and in joy, she cries "Uncle Yupa!" It is a joyous reunion as the mentor and pupil reunite after a year and a half without seeing one another. During their embrace, Nausicaš feels something moving in Uncle Yupa's pouch, and surprisingly finds it is a fox-squirrel. The fox-squirrel was captured by a flying creature. Believing it was a baby, Yupa used his gun to save it. This angered the Ohmu, and that is why he was being chased. The fox-squirrel is terrified as Nausicaš reaches out to him, and even bites her. Nausicaš winces in pain, but allows it to keep on biting her. When Nausicaš does not move, the fox-squirrel realizes it is not in danger and slowly takes its teeth out of Nausicaš's finger and licks it amicably.

As Yupa enters the Valley of the Wind, he is greeted with open arms by the villagers. Each person respects and loves him dearly and they all arrive in the village center to welcome him home.

That evening, Yupa dines with Nausicaš as well as her father King Jiru and the old wise Grandmother. Yupa recounts his adventures outside of the Valley, and sadly reports that no matter where he goes, he finds wars and many in starvation. The Valley is one of the few places left where peace and nature still exist and that is only because it is protected by the wind of the sea, which prevents the poison from the Fukai to enter.

Perhaps salvation is not too far away. The Grandmother tells Nausicaš the ancient legend that has existed in their Valley. There is a mural on the wall of the Royal chamber and it tells of a saviour, dressed in a blue coat on a golden pasture, who will come to replenish all that has been lost and bring all mankind to a peaceful green field.

Later that evening, one of the castlemen goes to wake Nausicaš and tells her that it has been sensed through the wind that something is afoul. Rushing quickly to the castle towers, Nausicaš joins a group of her Father's old advisors as they scour the skies for anything out of place. Suddenly, a flash in the sky catches Nausicaš's attention. It is giant Tolumekia battle airship and that seems to be flying without control. Jumping quickly on Mehve, Nausicaš takes off to take a closer look. On her approach, she is shocked to see that its cockpit is being attacked by a swarm of Fukai creatures. The airship is on a crash course to hit the mountain, but the swarm of creatures completely block the cockpit windows. Nausicaš tries desperately to warn them of the danger, but it is too late. As the airship speeds by her heading straight for the mountain, the last glimpse Nausicaš catches is that of a young girl looking out one of the windows, chained, on the doomed airship.

The aircraft crashes into the mountain. Nausicaš lands her glider, and tries to find survivors in the burning wreckage. She finds the young girl, but there is nothing she can do to save her. The young girl takes her last few breaths from the smoke around her, and tells Nausicaš she is Princess Lastelle of Pejite and she must destroy all cargo from the aircraft. "You must destroy it", she desperately tells Nausicaš. When Nausicaš tells her that the crash has destroyed everything, the girl smiles and dies.

There is an injured Fukai creature left from the crash, and the villagers who were awakened by the crash do not know what to do. They could shoot it, but shooting it might risk angering other Fukai creatures, leading to an attack on the Valley. Nausicaš chooses the safer way, and using her wooden bug whistle, she is able to calm down the creature and have it follow her as she flies towards the Fukai. At the edge of the boundaries, she lets it go on its own. But not far away on the other side of the boundaries, a silent Ohmu stands there, staring........

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