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Because the aircraft came in contact with Fukai creatures, it carried some of the poison to the Valley, and the villagers spent the next day destroying any fungi they encounter. It would appear that poison was not the only thing that the aircraft was carrying. Contrary to what Nausicaš had believed, there is a piece of cargo that was not destroyed by the fire. The villagers are puzzled as to what this giant ball of pulsating bloody veins could be. However, Yupa knew. He believes the fire demons who rampaged the world were not completely destroyed. Legend has it that one remained buried underneath the city of Pejite. Could this be? Could this giant ball of bloody veins be that fire demon?

Nausicaš is digging the graves for those who died in the crash when she suddenly hears a noise from afar. Staring intensely and expectantly into the peaceful mountains which protected the Valley, an army of battleships suddenly appears and attacks the valley. They descend onto the green pastures, knocking over windmills, and chasing the villagers. Nausicaš recognize the ships as part of the military forces from the kingdom of Tolumekia. While running around telling the villagers to head to the village center, tanks and soldiers are released from those battle ships and they head for the village. Suddenly, a fear washes over Nausicaš as she remember her Father in the Valley's castle. As she runs back home, soldiers have already entered the King's bedroom. A shot is fired and when Nausicaš finally reaches her father, it is too late, they had killed him. Heartbroken, Nausicaš jumps at the crowd of soldier in rage. But as she is about to strike one of them, Yupa blocks her and tells her that the killing must stop.

The villagers surrender to the tanks and hundreds of soldiers who point their weapons at them, and Nausicaš passes out from shock.

Later, everyone from the village is gathered to the center of the village with their weapons all stacked in a pile. Kushana, the Fourth Imperial Princess of Tolumekia steps forward with her General Kurotawa at her side and tells the villagers that they must unite in order to destroy the Fukai or else the Fukai would destroy them. That is why she has taken over the city, for she needs everyone to help destroy the Fukai. The Grandmother steps forward and tells her that her plans are merely dreams and that the Fukai can never be destroyed. People in the past have tried to destroy the poisonous forests, and all that resulted was an attack from the Ohmu. Then, after they destroy the million of lives, the Ohmu's bodies would be left behind and start growing even more Fukais. Kurotawa tells her to go away or she will be in danger. The Old Woman laughs in defiance and says "Kill me! I'm old, it is very simple. Just kill me just as you killed King Jiru!" The villagers didn't know that the Tolumekians had killed King Jiru and this news brought shock, anger and tears. Although they had no weapons, the villagers prepare to fight with stones against the Tolumekians when Nausicaš calls them to stop and tells them that the killing must stop. With that, all the villagers break down in tears.

The first task that the soldiers of Tolumekia give to the villagers is to have them drag the large bulge of red bloody veins back to the castle. Nothing is told to the villagers. The Princess Kushana wants to make a quick trip back to her own country, and demands that Nausicaš comes along.

That evening before departure, Yupa knocks on Nausicaš's bedroom door and is surprised that she doesn't answer. Entering her room to see what may be wrong, he sees the flying squirrel scratching on a wall. Pushing that portion of the wall, he discovers that it is in fact a secret door that leads to a tunnel beneath the castle. At the end of the tunnel is a secret room and as Yupa gazes in, he is greeted by a room filled with Fukai plants. How can this be? These plants should be poisonous but the air in this room seems even more fresh than outside. Nausicaš explains that these plants grow on the fresh water that is drawn 500 meters below ground. Even the soil that they grow on is drawn from deep beneath the city. Nausicaš has discovered some time ago that even poisonous plants, when grown on clean water and soil, can prevent the Fukai plants from becoming poisonous. The plants are not the things that creates poison. It is the soil that is poisonous and it was humans who had done this deed. Nausicaš cries softly as she explains she was researching these plants in hopes of saving her Father and all those who are dying of Fukai poison.....but now...............her research is to be no more because the Tolumekia are going to terminate her water source and soon all the plants will become poisonous as they were before. Her dream is gone.

The next day, Nausicaš bravely boards the Tolumekia battleship. She boards the flag ship along with her father's old friend Mito, while another group of old men from the Valley board their own plane but are towed along by another Tolumekia battleship. Saying their last good-byes to the villagers, the group takes off and leaves the valley. While flying high in the sky, the battle ships are attacked by a little craft that they recognized is from Pejite. The battle ships are quickly damaged and destroyed (they may be big, but they are not very strong). The little plane that carried the old men is separated and glides downwards through the sky. Nausicaš is on one of the last planes to remain in the sky, and Nausicaš climbs out on the ship and dramatically stands on the frame as if to shield the ship and pleads to the pilot to stop attacking their ships. As the pilot prepares to take aim at her anyway, he suddenly has a vision and stops. However, as soon as he stops, he is attacked by one of the battleships and his plane spirals downward through the sky. The battleship that Nausicaš is on has been damaged and reacting quickly, Nausicaš and Mito quickly climb aboard the escape plane. As she prepares to take off, Nausicaš sees the Princess Kushana, the person who was responsible for her father's death and for holding her villagers captive, trying to escape. Even though she has done so many bad deeds, Nausicaš helps her enemy jump into the escape plane with her.

They are able to escape and they descend down and very close to the Fukai in hopes of finding the other villagers whose plane had fallen. When she finds them, the old men tell her to save herself, but Nausicaš resists. She takes off her gas mask (They are surrounded by deadly poison released form the Fukai) and will only put it back on if the old men agree to save themselves as well. Needless to say, they all agree.

The two planes land on a lake within the Fukai. As the Valley villagers all happily greet one another, Princess Kushana suddenly gets up and points her gun at all of them. She laughs at them and ridicules them for saving her. Did they actually expect a thank-you? Nausicaš tells her that a gun can't give her control in the Fukai. The Fukai is a place of the creatures not the humans and a gun can do her no good. As the villagers turn their backs on Kushana in order to come up with a plan to escape, Kushana fires her gun to get her attention and says they must all listen to her orders. Suddenly, the water beneath them starts to move and a swarm of blue-eyed Ohmu rises out of the water to surround their planes. Kushana stands fearfully and points her gun at them, but Nausicaš stops her and quickly stands on the bow of the plane, opening her arms. trying to communicate with these large creatures. Golden tentacles arise from the Ohmu, and embrace Nausicaš while her villagers watch in wonder. While in those golden tentacles, Nausicaš suddenly feels as if she is in a dream. She is on a golden pasture, staring into the bluest sky. Suddenly, the dream fades away as the Ohmu's tentacles retract and swim away. As the Ohmu swim away, their eyes turn into an angry shade of red.

Instructing the villagers to head to the Valley first, Nausicaš jump aboard her white aircraft glider and takes off towards where the swarm of Fukai creatures was headed. The Princess Kushana is still in shock, and does not resist when Mito slowly takes the gun out of her hands.

Deep in the Fukai, the boy who was shooting down the battleships is being attacked by an army of bugs. He tries to shoot at them with his machine gun, but it is no use. At last, he reaches his end at the edge of a cliff. It is a choice of either to die falling off a cliff or be eaten by bugs. He jumps off the cliffs, only to find himself near the mouth of a huge and very long flying creature. As the mouth closes around him, Nausicaš suddenly zips downward and pulls him to safety. However, it is too soon to celebrate as the creature quickly chases them and knocks down them to the ground. The pair falls on a patch of quicksand and slowly descends downwards..............

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