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Nausicaš is in a dream. She was a little girl again, she is picking flowers in a pasture, when her father suddenly tells her they must leave. Everyone is sadly walking and Nausicaš says she doesn't want to go there. Suddenly, she is somewhere else and Nausicaš is running away from all her Father's soldiers while telling them to go away. With her back to a tree, she sees dozens of hands reaching at her while she tells them to go away. Then we see what Nausicaš is hiding and what the hands are reaching for. It is a baby Ohmu and Nausicaš wraps her arms around it trying to save it. But the hands reaches out and takes it away from her. Her last vision of the baby Ohmu was seeing the soldiers carry it away, while she herself cries sadly, begging them not to harm it.

Nausicaš awakes lying on the flat surface of an ancient tree stub. She is greeted by the boy, Prince Asbel of the Pejite. He tells her that they fell through the quicksand and are now in an area deep down below the Fukai. Nausicaš realizes they are not wearing their protective gas masks, and Asbel tells her it is a miracle because the air below the poisonous Fukai is fresh and clean. Nausicaš is in amazement and walks off to explore this mysterious place. The area is huge and is covered by fossilized ancient trees. But when she leans against one of them, she can tell that they still possess water within them. She picks up a grain of sand on the ground and realizes they are just as those found in the clean wells of her Valley. Asbel catches up with Nausicaš and sees her lying on the ground and thought she was crying in sadness, but she replies that they are tears of happiness.

Back at the Valley, General Kurotawa hears the news that Princess Kushana is missing and shares his joy with the growing fire demon who then opens its eyes....

Yupa is informed that his friends have returned without Nausicaš. He greets them in an abandoned submarine from the pre-Fukai ages on the outskirts of the Valley, and goes to see Princess Kushana whom they are holding captive. Even though she is a prisoner, she is not afraid and orders them to let her free because they need her. Her countrymen have angered the Pejites and they will seek revenge by attacking the Valley of the Wind. That is why they must release her now or else they will have no chance. She defends that it is imperative that the fire demon be brought alive because the Fukai must be destroyed. She then snaps her arm open to reveal that it is only a shell because her real arms and legs were destroyed when she was attacked by an Ohmu as a child. She has been waiting for her whole life to take her revenge by destroying all the Ohmus in existence. Suddenly, a little boy comes running into the room and reports that poison and Fukai fungi have been found all around the Valley.

The trees in the Valley forest are covered by fungus. After much argument, the villagers are finally able to re-obtain their weapons from the Tolumekia soldiers and quickly go off to try and destroy the fungus. But it is too late. The poison has spread too far and the only way to save the rest of the Valley is to burn the whole forest.

Meanwhile, Yupa and Mito fly off to find Nausicaš while the rest of the men return to their friends at the Valley. Kushana, alone in her room, reveals a hidden knife and quickly uses it to set herself free.

Nausicaš and Asbel spend the night underneath the Fukai. During this time, Asbel reveals that he attacked the Tolumekia airships because they had taken prisoner her twin-sister Lastelle (The chained girl who died near the beginning when her airship crash-landed near the Valley of the Wind). The next morning, they fly together on Nausicaš's glider towards Asbel's kingdom Pejite. Their flight is uneasy as both sense there is something afoul in the air. As they get closer to Pejite, they see a huge cloud of smoke over the city, and a bed of dead bugs lying before the city entrance. The city of Pejite has been destroyed. Traces of the Tolumekia are apparent, but as Asbel heads toward the city's town hall, he is devastated to see that it has been destroyed by a giant Ohmu. They see that the entire city is in ruins with dead bugs everywhere. Believing that all his people are dead, Asbel breaks down when suddenly they catch sight of a Pejite airship.

As the airship lands, Asbel rushes ahead to greet his people. His men tells him not to fear because they knew their land was to be consumed by the Fukai one day soon anyway. Besides, they already have a plan to retaliate against the Tolumekia for they have found out that they are currently at the Valley of The Wind. Nausicaš catches up with Asbel just in time to hear the mention of her village and as she steps closer, she is horrified when the Pejite men declare the plan to destroy the Valley and Tolumekian armies have already begun. Nausicaš demands to know what the plan is, and all the Pejitians are lost for words while Asbel gravely announces she is from the Valley and that he owes her his life. No one wants to answer Nausicaš's question, and finally, Asbel tells her they are going to lure Ohmus to attack the Valley. Nausicaš begs them to stop the plan, but it is too late they say......everything has begun and nothing can stop it now. Nausicaš realizes she cannot persuade the Pejitians to help her, and runs to her glider in hopes of reaching her people in time to warn them. But all the Pejite men jump on her, not allowing her to go, because they didn't want her to warn the Tolumekia as well. Nausicaš struggles to get free, but the Pejite men say they are doing this to save the Earth and the people in the Valley of the Wind are sacrificing their lives for a greater good. Nausicaš angrily tells them they are just like the Tolumekians. They all believe they can destroy the Fukai when in reality the Fukais are saving the world. Nausicaš tells them that the Fukais are cleaning the Earth and providing fresh water, and destroying them would only mean destroying Earth's last hope. Nausicaš pleads with Asbel, who was standing silently aside, but Asbel finally reacts and points a gun at the men and orders them to set Nausicaš free. Another man quickly rushes behind Asbel and knocks him unconscious. Then, the people take Nausicaš aboard their airship and sail away.

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