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Back at the Valley of the Wind, the villagers have revolted against the soldiers. Using their fire weapons and sticks, they retaliate against the soldiers who are too shocked to do anything. Some of King Jiru's old advisors steal a tank and proceed to shield the other villagers as they escape from the Tolumekia forces by going to the outer regions of the village. As General Kurotawa tries to think of a plan, Princess Kushana returns and Kurotawa sighs knowing that his brief moment as leader is now over.

Aboard the Pejite airship, Nausicaš is locked in the potato room when a Pejite woman and a young girl arrive and tell the guard outside they have brought food for the prisoner. However, as soon the door closes behind them, the young girl quickly removes her clothing and offers to exchange roles with Nausicaš so that Nausicaš can go save her people. The older woman kindly offers her apologizes for what her people has done, and explains that she is Lastelle's and Asbel's Mother. Nausicaš hugs her in gratitude and is then able to escape with the other girl taking her place.

Nausicaš is taken to the habitation area where all the Pejite women offer their apologizes for what their people has done. Thanking them all, Nausicaš follows Asbel into a crawl space and reaches her jet-powered glider. Just as she is about to take off, a Tolumekia battle ship appears and starts shooting at the Pejite airship.

The Pejite airship is boarded and even though Nausicaš refuses to leave Asbel fighting alone, Asbel pushes her off and Nausicaš heads for the Valley.

The Tolumekia battle ship sees Nausicaš and with its troops already aboard the Pejite, it proceeds to follow and shoot down Nausicaš. Just as it appears that Nausicaš is doomed, Yupa and Mito appear and they quickly shoot down the big but weak Tolumekia battle ship. Yupa jumps aboard the Pejite airship and with a quick flick of his knives, he instantly takes control of the situation and saves the Pejite people.

Nausicaš gets aboard the plane with Mito and pushes the engine to maximum power as she attempts to rush home to save her people.

At the same time, all the Valley villagers have gathered inside the abandoned submarine on the outskirts of the Valley. The Tolumekian armies surround them, and Kushana orders them to attack in an hour. The Valley villagers are in a panic, not because they are about to be attacked, but because the wind that has protected their beloved Valley has suddenly stopped.

Nausicaš, racing to get home, feels the situation is getting bleaker and bleaker as the plane is almost down to its last drop of fuel. Suddenly, she catches sight of a horror worse than anything she could have imagined. Hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions of angry red-eyed Ohmus, were rushing straight towards the Valley of the Wind. What could have provoked them to be so angry? Then Nausicaš got her answer. Not far ahead, a small Pejite aircraft leads the army of Ohmu by dangling a badly hurt young Ohmu. Bullets and thick metal pipes are inserted in the young Ohmu's body and its blood pours from the many holes on his body. The Pejite aircraft starts shooting at Nausicaš and Mito, but Nausicaš orders Mito not to return fire for fear that the young Ohmu would be further endangered. Nausicaš, climbing aboard her glider that hung on the back of the plane, orders Mito to return to the Valley and warn the people while she tries to save the young Ohmu.

At the Valley, the villagers and the Tolumekians see flares shooting from afar. The Tolumekians prepare to attack the villagers when suddenly Mito appears. Although the Tolumekians start shooting at the plane, Kushana orders them to stop, and quickly rushes to the plane. She, along with the other villagers who came to Mito, is concerned about Nausicaš. But Mito quickly tells them to save themselves for the Ohmu's are coming and Nausicaš is staying behind to try and stop them. Mito tells them they cannot fight amongst themselves anymore, and the villagers quickly rush back to the submarine and take their families to a higher location to safety. Kushana is shocked, but tells her armies they should not fear for they have the fire demon on the side. Kurotawa argues that the fire demon is only half finished but Kushana tells him there is no better time than now to put it to good use.

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