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Nausicaš is flying in circles around the Pejite aircraft trying to talk to them. Instead they refuse to listen but rather continuously try to shoot at her. Finally, as they prepare to get rid of her for good, Nausicaš sails toward the aircraft, standing on her glider with her arms spread apart, signaling for peace. The man who is controlling the gun sees Nausicaš and can not shoot her, because he sees her as his Princess Lastelle. However, the other man in the aircraft is not as compassionate and pushes his companion aside, then opens fire at Nausicaš. Bullets puncture her shoulder and ankles and blood escapes from her wounds. The injured Nausicaš jump into their aircraft, and the sudden shift crashes the little aircraft. Both the craft and the Ohmu land on a little patch of land in the middle of the acid sea.

Nausicaš, although badly hurt, gets up and quickly goes to the young Ohmu to see if it is all right. The Ohmu wants to run away, but it does not know it is going into the acid sea. Nausicaš places herself in between the acid and the Ohmu to try and stop it from hurting itself. The young Ohmu's blue blood spills from its wounds, and covers Nausicaš's own clothes. The Ohmu persists in moving forward. By doing so, Nausicaš herself falls into the acid, and it burns her wounded ankles. Nevertheless, she refuses to move until the young Ohmu itself moves backwards. Nausicaš falls onto the ground and grasps her ankle in pain. The young Ohmu, as if sensing it can trust Nausicaš, extends its golden tentacles in a friendly gesture as if to comfort her.

The thousands of giant Ohmus are heading towards the young Ohmu and Nausicaš smiles knowing that her people are saved. Suddenly however, the Ohmus shift course and head back towards the Valley of the Wind because the Tolumekians had opened fire on them.

The two Pejite men breathe a sigh of relief that their mission has been completed when they are suddenly faced with Nausicaš, who points a machine gun at them, and orders them to bring her and the young Ohmu to the Valley. The younger man tells her she will die, but Nausicaš tells him to take her.

The people of the Valley crowd around near the top of the submarine, and see the millions of red eyes glowing not very far away. The Tolumekian tanks continue to fire at the Ohmu even though it would appear no damage is being done. The rest of the soldiers, fearing for their lives, start retreating and running away. Suddenly, Kushana appears with the gigantic fire demon. The fire demon, although scary in appearance, is very weak and its body starts to melt and break in half even before it reaches its destination. Regardless of the demon's faults, Kushana orders the remaining half of the fire demon to open fire at the Ohmus. With his body quickly melting away, the fire demon opens his mouth to shoot a wide beam of laser at the Fukai creatures. Many are destroyed, but it does not stop the rest from continuing to rush at the Valley. The fire demon open fires again. More Ohmus are destroyed, but even more continue to rush at the Valley. Kushana orders the fire demon to attack again, but the fire demon has completely melted away, and collapses, only leaving behind its skeleton.

The Tolumekian soldiers, who were cheering while their Princess seemed to have control over the situation, now run around screaming for their lives. The people of the Valley watch the demise of the fire demon and await the approach of their deaths.

Out of no where, the Pejite aircraft appears and lowers Nausicaš and the Ohmu in the direct path of the giant Ohmus. The villagers cry out to their Princess to move away and save herself, but Nausicaš stares bravely at the gigantic Ohmus. The Ohmus rush ahead, while Nausicaš continues to stand bravely. She is trampled by the Ohmus, and her body is flung high into the air. The people of the Valley gasp and cry for their brave Princess as thousands of Ohmu continue on their path to the Valley.

The sun is rising and high above the air, as the Pejite craft carrying Yupa, Asbel, and all the other Pejite people approach the valley. They see the thousands of Ohmus and sadly shake their head. Suddenly, Yupa sees that the Ohmu's eyes are changing to a calm blue. All the Ohmus have suddenly stopped in their paths, just before the first one was to reach inside the Valley. The people of the Valley, sensing the silence, open their eyes to see what could have stopped the Ohmus. Then, not far away, they see that the Ohmus have gathered in a circle around the young Ohmu, and their Princess Nausicaš, who lies silently on the ground.

The villagers break out in tears and weep for their Princess who sacrificed her life to save her people. The Ohmus have stopped because Nausicaš returned the young Ohmu, and now the Valley of the Wind and its people are saved.

The Ohmus stand silently in a circle around Nausicaš. The young Ohmu extends its little golden tentacles to Nausicaš, and then a giant Ohmu extends its golden tentacles and gently lifts Nausicaš high into the air. Slowly, other Ohmus extend their golden tentacles to hold up Nausicaš and soon there are hundreds and thousands of golden tentacles reaching beneath Nausicaš and holding her high up in the air. As everyone watches in amazement, small golden flakes fall gently to the ground and the Ohmus' golden tentacles tend to Nausicaš's wounds, and surrounds her with a golden glow. Then, Nausicaš awakes. She rises up from the Ohmu's soft golden tentacles and smiles happily to see that the young Ohmu is safe. She stands joyfully on the millions of golden tentacles and thanks the Ohmus for saving her. The Pejites, the Tolumekians, and the people of the Valley alike watch in amazement and happiness that Nausicaš is safe. The Grandmother, overcome with happiness and tears, ask the children to describe how Nausicaš is. The children happily marvel that their Princess is wearing a royal blue dress with the traditional emblem and seems to be walking on a golden pasture. The Grandmother's eyes open with realization that the old legend has come true. A saviour, dressed in a traditional blue coat on a golden pasture, will come to replenish all that has been lost and bring all mankind to a peaceful green field. The legend has been realized. Nausicaš was the legendary hero.

The villagers then look into the sky and see Nausicaš's glider sailing merrily in the sky. The wind has returned!

After Nausicaš descends from the golden pasture, she is happily embraced by all the villagers as they celebrate her safety and thank her for her sacrifice. The Pejite airship has landed and its people too are overcome by joy that the people of the Valley are safe. Asbel joyfully greets Nausicaš and celebrates by lifting her high into the air.

The Ohmus depart the human world and return to their own home. With the fire demons destroyed, the Tolumekians leave the Valley to return to their own kingdom. The people of Pejite, having their kingdom destroyed, are invited to live with the villagers in the Valley of the Wind. The two groups work together, build new windmills and replants trees, and live happily together.

In the closing credits, Nausicaš, Asbel and Yupa return to the Fukai which suddenly now no longer seem as fearful and dangerous as it once did. The plants grow beautifully, the flowers are blossoming, while the Fukai creatures lay lazily around. The last scene is a symbol of peace, as we see Nausicaš's goggles lying peacefully at the very bottom of the Fukai beside a growing seedling, perhaps signifying peace has begun and a brighter future is starting to grow.

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