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It is the golden era of the seaplanes, also known as flying boats. Porco Rosso, the Crimson Pig, is a bounty hunter who flies in his crimson seaplane to defend the Adriatic Sea from flying pirates. Porco Rosso was once an Italian war hero. However, he became so disgusted with humanity that he decided he would rather be a pig.

One summer, he encounters a new foe, a beautiful girl mechanic, as well as old friends. Air adventure, plane battles, changes and new possibilities await.

Welcome to my Porco Rosso ~ Crimson Pig website. Porco Rosso was created by Hayao Miyazaki and released by Studio Ghibli in 1992. It is a wonderful film that is loved by children and adults alike.

Please be warned, basically everything from here onwards contain spoilers.

I strongly recommend that everyone watch this film. It is especially easy now that Porco Rosso is being released to the English audience on DVD! A 2-disc DVD set is being released by Disney beginning on February 22nd, 2005. Be on the lookout for it at your local video stores, or check out the Shopping Guide to see where you can order it online.

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