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This motion picture is set over the Mediterranean Sea in an age when seaplanes ruled the waves. It tells the story of a valiant pig, who fought against flying pirates, for his pride, for his lover, and for his future. The name of the hero of our story is Crimson Pig. Porco Rosso.

It is the late 1920s, early 1930s. The Great War is over, and world is engulfed in the Great Depression. Under the clear blue sky, hidden away from the outside world in the cove of a little island in the Adriatic Sea, our hero Porco Rosso lies sleeping on his small private beach. He is interrupted when his phone suddenly rings. His bounty hunter service is requested, as Mamma Aiuto the seaplane pirate and his gang are on the loose again! They have attacked a ship from Venice that is carrying a shipment of gold and more importantly, a group of kindergarten girls.

The pirates have taken the gold as well as the group of very adorable kindergarten girls as hostage. “We are going to be kidnapped” the kindergarten girls cheer happily.

When Porco Rosso arrives at ship, the passengers cheer to see the comforting sight of the crimson seaplane. The sailors make a directional arrow to tell Porco Rosso which way the pirates headed towards, but Porco Rosso heads the other way. He knows the pirates, and he knows that was a trick…they most likely changed course once they were out of sight from the ship and he knows they will be heading to an island to conserve fuel. That is where Porco Rosso will head.

Meanwhile, on the pirate seaplane, the pirates struggle to manage the eager happy kindergarten girls who are enjoying their adventure very much.

Suddenly Porco Rosso appears! The pirates attempt to shoot him down, but are thwarted as their guns are pushed away by the girls who want a better view of the flying pig. Porco Rosso weaves expertly around the pirate seaplane to take out both their engines. Porco Rosso signals to the pirates he will let them keep half the gold, but they must return the other half as well as hand over the hostages. When the pirates’ seaplane crash into the water, the girls jump out and cheerily reassures the pirates they are safe because they are all on the swim team and happily jump out of the sinking plane into the water. The pirates prepare to shoot down Porco Rosso, but when their remaining gun jams, they raise the white flag and agree to Porco Rosso’s terms.

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