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As the dayís events become news, other seaplane pirates are very unhappy to learn of Porco Rossoís continued success. The pirates are gathered at the famous Hotel Adriano, where pirates and people from all over gather to drink and listen to the singing of its beautiful owner Gina. The pirates think need to hire someone to help take out Porco Rosso, and they glance across the table to Donald Curtis, an American pilot who has made a name for himself recently. Meanwhile, Curtis is completed engrossed by Ginaís performance, and refuses all distractions.

As sunset arrives, Porco Rosso arrives at Hotel Adriano. He is greeted by glares from the seaplane pirates, but they donít do anything more. It is said that only when Gina is around that the pirates behave. Porco Rosso walks away from the bar and moves to eat by himself in a quiet room. Gina joins him and they talk as old friends. Gina shares that at their first meeting just now, Curtis asked to marry her. Already she has had three pilots for husbands, all dead. Porco Rosso is shocked by her revelation. All dead? That must meanÖ Gina confirms that today, after three years of wait, she finally received confirmation that her third husbandís body was found. However, she reassures Porco Rosso, it has been three years and all her tears have already been dried. Porco Rosso pours out wine for both of them, and toasts to their lost friend. Gina smiles sadly. Porco Rosso is her only old friend who is still here. Porco Rosso responds that the only thing he doesnít like about her hotel is the photo that she refuses to remove from the wall. Gina wonít, because it is the only photo left of him as human. She wonders how she can free him from his curse.

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