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The next day, Porco Rosso arrives in town to collect his payment for his bounty hunting work. When the bank clerk asks if he wants to buy some bonds to support the government, Porco Rosso responds he will leave that for the humans.

Meanwhile, the pirates have formed an alliance with Curtis as hired protection. As their seaplanes fly in formation stalking the Queen, a large passenger ship, the pirates bicker amongst themselves to decide how to divide costs of ammunition and repair costs for individual seaplanes. At this time, the Queen launches their own protection squadron of seaplanes. However, with Curtis in the lead, the pirates manage to stop their bickering to successfully take out the planes and gain loot from the passenger ship.

Porco Rosso, back on his beach, is examining his plane and decides the engine is on its last legs and needs to be taken to Milan for repairs immediately. He hears on the radio of the seaplane pirates’ success and their public challenge to Porco Rosso to come out and fight them. Porco Rosso laughs. Too bad he is going on vacation.

On his flight, Porco Rosso is forced to fly below the clouds due to bad weather, and encounters problems with his engine mid flight. Suddenly, Curtis charges him from behind and starts to attack just as Porco Rosso’s engine dies. As the crimson seaplane is shut down and begins to fall, Curtis, thinking he was the one to successfully stop Porco Rosso’s engine, continues shooting to completely destroy the engine and most of the plane.

The crimson seaplane falls and disappears from view. By the time Curtis lands his seaplane in order to find wreckage as evidence of his victory over Porco Rosso, only one piece of the seaplane is left. Nonetheless, he claims it for a souvenir. As Curtis flies away, it is revealed Porco Rosso did survive, as well as the wreckage also used to be known as his seaplane.

Gina, having heard the news, prepares to take off on her own seaplane to search for Porco Rosso. Porco Rosso contacts her to let her know he is safe, but she is not happy when he tells her to pass a message to Curtis that he will be back. He will be roast pork one day she reprimands him angrily. She doesn’t want to go to his funeral.

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