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One day, Porco Rosso leaves the factory and heads to a movie theatre in town. In the darkness of the theatre, a man dressed in Italian Air Force uniform sits down next to him. It is his old friend Fierrali. Fierrali tries to convince Porco Rosso to rejoin the Air Force, he and others will help Porco Rosso out. If not, he should leave the city immediately. The authorities have a warrant out for Porco Rosso for refusing to cooperate with the state along with other charges. If they capture him, they will not bother to try pigs. Porco Rosso responds he’d rather be a pig than a fascist. He only flies for himself.

Fio is driving the truck when she spots Porco Rosso walking outside the theatre and offers him a ride. Porco Rosso looks behind the truck and then quickly jumps on at the wheel. Fio tells Porco Rosso she wants to do a test flight soon. There is no time, he responds. He must leave immediately. Look behind us. Fio turns around. There is a black car with two men following them. Since Porco Rosso managed to lose them earlier, they followed Fio. With quick driving maneuvering, Porco Rosso manages to lose them once more.

In the early dawn, Porco Rosso prepares to leave when he spots Fio carrying a duffle bag onto his seaplane. She wants to go with him. It is her seaplane too and she wants to make sure it is fine. If Porco Rosso is going to fight Curtis, he needs a good mechanic. Plus, more importantly, taking her will convince the secret police she is a hostage and that will help to explain why the women in the factory worked on Porco Rosso’s plane. Porco Rosso agrees. Piccolo agrees as well. The factory is in debt rebuilding the crimson seaplane and he wants Porco Rosso to beat Curtis to make sure he’ll come back to pay his bills.

They open the gate to the factory and the seaplane propels into the canal outside. The secret police were waiting outside and fires at the seaplane. All the women in the factory run out crying “Kidnapper!” as the seaplane speeds away on the canal.

They are having trouble taking off from the water, but eventually they manage. Once in the air, they are greeted by Fierrali who warns them the Air Force are ahead waiting to ambush them. He leads Porco Rosso and Fio away to safety before saying good-bye while the pair continues towards the Adriatic Sea.

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