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Meanwhile, at Hotel Adriano, Curtis climbs over the walls of Gina’s private garden and pleads to the interrupted Gina to come with him to Hollywood. He has got a role in a movie. First step movie star, then next President of the United States! Gina laughs. It is his stupidity that she likes. However, the answer is no. She already has a bet with herself concerning another man. If this man should come to visit her during the day in the garden, then they will fall in love. Unfortunately, this fool only comes to the restaurant at night. As Curtis inquires who this man is, Gina suddenly hears a seaplane. She runs out to the open and sees Porco Rosso weaving a greeting to her with the crimson seaplane.

Seeing the seaplane in the air, Gina remembers back to when they were kids, and they took off on their first flight together, on a plane named Adriano. She smiles at the memory.

As Curtis looks out, she remarks she has lost the bet again. He did not land. Curtis is flabbergasted. She means..she means, the bet is about the pig?!? Gina walks away. Go to Hollywood, little boy.

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