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Porco Rosso and Fio arrive back at Porco Rosso’s hideout. The beach is beautiful, Fio exclaims. However, Porco Rosso notices that something is not right. Suddenly, the entire flying seaplane alliance burst out from Porco Rosso’s tent to surround him with many many guns. They are prepared to dismantle the plane piece by piece, as well as dismantle Porco Rosso too.

Suddenly, the pirates notice Fio is there. Porco Rosso compliments her as his talented engineer. All the pirates are impressed. Smart and beautiful. Fio demands to know how dare they want to dismantle her plane or Porco Rosso. She has always heard stories that seaplane pilots were the noblest people. They want neither money nor women, but honour. How could they have asked an American for help? Porco Rosso is here to fight Curtis for everyone’s honour! All of the pirates bow their head in shame.

Ha ha ha!

Everyone looks up, and there is Curtis climbing down from the rocks above. Curtis considers the idea to battle to Porco Rosso again…but the pirates no longer employ him. Fio demands to know what his terms are. Suddenly, Curtis notices Fio. She is beautiful! He proposes, if he battles Porco Rosso and wins, then Fio must marry him. Agreed, Fio states. In return, if Porco Rosso wins, Curtis must pay off Porco Rosso’s debt to Piccolo S.P.A. Curtis looks through the bills. It is a lot, but he agrees!

After all the pirates have left, Fio admits she was foolish to have made such an agreement without thinking. Porco Rosso offers his hand to Fio and thanks her for giving him the chance to face Curtis once more. They are now full partners. Fio happily accepts.

Fio takes a quick swim to calm her nervousness. She remarks she should have padded the bills she gave to Curtis. Porco Rosso laughs out loud.

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