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That night, Fio is trying to sleep in her sleeping bag as Porco Rosso examines and prepares the ammunition. As Fio peers at Porco Rosso in the glow of the lantern light, she suddenly sees a human face. It is Marco Paggot. She gasps. But when he turns to face her, he is Porco Rosso once more. Fio asks why he became a pig in the first place. When she was young, her father told her all about a famous Captain Marco Paggot who was in his unit. Her favourite story was one where Captain Marco Paggot landed in the raging sea to save an enemy pilot.

What if she kissed Porco Rosso? Would that lift the curse? Porco Rosso refuses her offer. But, he replies that seeing someone like her makes him want to be human again.

Fio asks for a story. Porco Rosso thinks back. It was the summer of the war. They were flying over the Adriatic, aiming for Istria. His friend Berlini, another pilot in his unit, had just gotten married two days earlier. Porco Rosso was his best man. As the planes from the other side approached, and the two sides engaged in battle. Planes started falling left and right from both sides. Porco Rosso had three planes on him, and he didnít have the opportunity to look after the others in his unit. Then, he was the last one left. He was flying away for his life as the other sideís planes were in pursuit. He was exhausted and didnít have the strength to fly. The plane was flying on its own.

His plane drifted above a field of clouds. Porco Rosso woke up to see above him a strange looking cloud that appeared as an endless moving stream. Gradually, planes started appearing beside him. They were the planes and pilots from his unit that he had just seen being destroyed, as well as the planes and pilots from the opposing side. Porco Rosso cries out to them. Berlini, you canít leave. What about Gina? They donít hear him. Their planes fly higher and higher, until they reach the endless cloud stream above. The stream was not made up of clouds. It was made up of thousands, millions of planes with their pilots. Of fallen planes and pilots. Porco Rossoís plane remains on the lower field of clouds, and then his plane drifts back to earth.

God decided it wasnít your time to die, says Fio.
God decided I was meant to fly alone from then on. The good guys were the ones who died.
Porco Rosso is not even sure if what he saw that day was even heaven or hell.

Fio jumps out of her sleeping bag and gives Porco Rosso a quick kiss on the cheek. Either way, she is glad he came back.

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