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It is the day of the duel, and pirates, smugglers, spies and even some good people have all gathered on a little island to watch the battle. The seaplane pirates are busy collecting bets for the duel and maintaining crowd control with “minimal” force. The bets from both sides, Fio and a large sack of cash, are placed on the stage as Porco Rosso and Curtis set out.

Early in the battle, Curtis seems to dominate. Fio doesn’t understand why Porco Rosso doesn’t shoot Curtis, but Mamma Aiuto explains that Porco Rosso never kills anyone. He is waiting for Curtis to exhaust all of his ammunition so that he can then focus only on taking down Curtis’s engine.

The battle continues as the crowd below all agrees it will be a fight to be remembered for ages.

Meanwhile, at Hotel Adriano, Gina is preparing to leave for the island when she receives a secret message from F that the Italian Air Force are headed towards Porco Rosso as well. Gina quickly gets to her plane to warn everyone.

Finally, Porco Rosso is prepared to start firing at Curtis when his gun jams. Curtis is thrilled and prepares to attack when he then realizes he is out of ammunition. Both start throwing objects at each other mid-air out of frustration, but finally both land their planes back on the island to finish their battle in a hand-to-hand punch-for-punch match.

The gong is brought out, chairs are brought forth, and the rounds begin. The battle is pretty even until Curtis exclaims he refuses to let Porco Rosso monopolize both Gina and Fio. Fio and Gina??? Gina is in love with you, exclaims Curtis. She has been waiting for you all this time in the garden. Porco Rosso turns red, and goes down when Curtis strikes, but luckily the gong rings just in time.

The next round begins again. Porco Rosso does not believe Curtis. Curtis insists he is telling the truth. They both throw a punch, they both hit the other squarely in the face, and they both fall into the water.

Gina’s plane has arrived as the count for both begins. The first to rise from the water is the winner. Gina stands over the two knocked out pilots. She calls out for Marco. Do you want to make another girl unhappy?

Porco Rosso opens his eyes, and climbs out of the water. He wins!

Fio jumps into his arm and thanks him. Gina smiles and warns everyone of the Air Force’s impending arrival. Everyone is welcomed to her restaurant. It will be on the house.

Curtis finally climbs out of the water, searching for Porco Rosso. Gina tells him the fight is over.

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