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Porco Rosso carries Fio in his arms and places the unwilling Fio into Gina’s plane. Please take her back to a respectable world, he asks. Gina looks at him. You always do this. Porco Rosso apologizes to Gina, but please leave. Gina silently agrees. As Gina’s seaplane prepares to take off, Fio leans out of the seaplane to give Porco Rosso a kiss.

Only Curtis and Porco Rosso are left. Porco Rosso invites Curtis to join him lure the Air Force away. Curtis looks over to Porco Rosso and sees……!! Curtis gasps, let me see your face! Porco Rosso, with his back to the audience and face hidden away since his kiss from Fio, runs back to his plane.

An older Fio reminisces about that summer in the Adriatic Sea.

The Air Force arrived to find nothing.
Fio returned to Milan and never saw Porco Rosso again.
However, she became good friends with Gina, and after she took over Piccolo S.P.A., she visits Hotel Adriano every summer.
All the old gang, including the seaplane pirates, is doing well.
Curtis went back to the United States and became a Hollywood star, but not a President yet.
As for whether Gina won her bet.......

That’s their secret.

The End

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