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My Comments - written in November 2001
I had the chance to see the English dub of Totoro recently and I was actually very impressed. The dub was well done and I thought the voice actors were actually quite good. I was interesting to listen to the dialogue and think back to what was in the Chinese dub, etc, etc. I wonder how well the movie was promoted when it first came out in North America....I personally was not aware the film was available in video until much later. Darn it. :(

~small side note, as I was updating this webpage, I had soo much problems remember to type "neighbor" as opposed to the Canadian spelling "neighbour". I was tempted to put everything as "Neighbour"..but then realized that would be incorrect and my page would never show up in US search engines results. :D


My Comments - written in 1998
Totoro is a charming film of which I thoroughly enjoyed. What I think is most remarkable about this film is that your age does not have to be in the single digits in order really enjoy it. It is a film that can be appreciated by both the young and the old alike.

Little kids would certainly be attracted to the Totoros, and the appeal of all the adventures that Totoro could offer such as flying through the sky or a ride in Neko Bus. However, adults can also enjoy for the film for its spectacular animation and intricate story line.

There seems to be a general consensus on the net that Totoro is a recommendable film because it offers a glimpse of Japanese culture to the western world. For example, scenes such as Mr. Kusakabe taking a bath together with Mei and Satsuki is normal in Japanese society, but may come as a surprise to others not a part of that society. There is also the discussion of how Japanese believe in guardians for various aspects of natures, such as the Totoros as tree guardians. . This movie can therefore provide an introduction to a world that is rarely seen by anyone outside of Japan.

My Neighbor Totoro is a wonderful film and I highly recommended it to anyone who dares to have an imagination and believe.

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