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Beneath the dark summer night skies, the city is aglow with burning street lights, bright store windows, and beams of car lights running through the traffic intersections. Cars, trains and people and move through the night street and 14 year old Shizuku Tsukishima steps out of a convenience store with a bag of milk. Carrying the bag, Shizuku moves through the lit city back to her apartment. Walking up the winding stairs, she opens the door to home; a small apartment with books, stacks of newspaper, and boxes cluttering about. "I'm back."

In the kitchen her Mom sits at the table working busily through some paper work. "Another plastic bag again? It's only a cart of milk." "The store owner gave it to me," Shizuku says, "I couldn't refuse it". Shizuku walks to pour tea. Mr. Tsukishima sits up from the computer in the back to drink a glass. "The library is changing to a computer system," says Mr. Shizukushimia , "It is moving really fast." Looking up from her book on the table Shizuku protests, "I like the card style more." Her father smiles, "so do I."

Shizuku turns to the back of her book and pulls out the sign-out card. She sighs. She stares at the card. Then. "That person," she whispers. She grabs the book and walks to her room to open two other books sitting on her desk. Pulling their cards out, she compares them. "I knew itů.I thought that name looked familiar" All the books that she borrowed had one name before her: Seiji Amasawa. She wonders to herself who Seiji Amasawa could be. Is he cute?

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