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The next morning, Shizuku wakes up late and rushes to get ready. When Shizuku sees a balloon craft flying outside the kitchen window, she feels something good will happen today. It is a day with a bright sun and clear blue skies, and Shizuku walks happily through the streets to school. It is summer vacation and the school is empty except for students playing baseball in the field, or practicing tennis on the courts. Shizuku, however, heads to the library. Finding her teacher Ms. Kosaka, Shizuku asks for a small favour: could she possibly open the library? Shizuku has finished all her books, and the public library is close today. Despite her teacher's warnings about concentrating on her studies, Shizuku is eager to reach her goal of finishing 20 books before the end of the holiday.

Shizuku quickly grabs a book off the shelf. The sign-out card is completely blank; no one has borrowed it before. But in the front of the book is a name stamp. The name is is "Amasawa". Shizuku wonders, could it.. "SHIZUKU!" says Yuko Harada. Shizuku looks up. In her eagerness to go to the library, Shizuku had forgot about meeting her best friend Yuko.

Sitting together on a bench by the baseball field, Shizuku hands the papers to Yuko. Shizuku has been working on a japanese translation of the song "country roads" by John Denver. Yuko sings softly and likes the translation very much. Shizuku is not as happy her words. Instead, she hands Yuko another version that she wrote; it is a song called concrete road. Instead of the beautiful scenery of the country side, the song is instead about the concrete city. The girls both laugh. Then the girls turn serious. "Shizuku," asks Yuko, "do you like anyone?" "No," Shizuku replies. Yuko thinks it is good to have something, to work together, to support one another. Shizuku realizes Yuko must have someone in mind. Yuko has received a love letter, but she is not happy about it. Shizuku asks if there is someone else she likes, but Yuko could only blush. Suddenly, they are interrupted by a loud voice. "SHIZUKU! Bring my bag over!!" Shizuku looks up to the boy behind the baseball field fence shouting at them. "Sugimura," she says, "So troublesome!!!!!" Yuko watches them in background and runs quickly away. Shizuku grabs his bag on another bench and flings it over the fence to him, then runs after Yuko.

Yuko likes Sugimura. She is confused. She doesn't know if Sugimura likes her and whether she should answer the love letter from the other boy. Yuko realizes she needs time to think about it. Suddenly, Shizuku realizes she left the library book on the bench when she ran after Yuko and rushes back to the school to get it.

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