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It is the next day. Shizuku's older sister Shiho has returned home from University. Shizuku is not thrilled when Shiho tells her to help clean up the house since their Mom is busy studying for school. Shizuku helps to clean up, but is annoyed when her sister lectures on the importance of studying for school. That night, while her sister and her parents talk and drink in the kitchen, Shizuku retreats to her book.

The next morning, Shiho wakes Shizuku up and tells her to take a lunchbox to their father at the library. Shizuku protests at first, but when her sister mentions all the other things she can do at home instead, such as wash the clothes, and other housework, Shizuku quickly runs out with the lunchbox.

Shizuku gets on the train to library. As she sits there, a chubby light brown cat with one dark ear suddenly jumps onto the seat next to her.

Shizuku smiles, and asks the cat, "are you alone? Where are you going?" The cat just looks outside. "Is it that interesting?" Shizuku asks. "Hey, why don't you respond".

It is her stop. Shizuku turns to the cat, "I'm getting off". As she rises, the cat jumps off the seat and rushes out the open doors. Shizuku is delighted and runs quickly to chase the cat. She notes that it is running towards the library. Unfortunately, Shizuku loses the Cat when she stopped at the traffic signal.

Shizuku walks alone towards the library. Just as she is about to go inside, she spots the cat again walking along a railing outside the library. Completely forgetting what she is suppose to do, Shizuku runs chasing after the Cat again.

Over a fence...
Up a dark alley...
Up a quiet street...almost got hit by a car....
She keeps following...

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