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Suddenly Shizuku looks around her. She has followed the cat higher and higher above the city. It is an area of many big houses that she never knew existed before. The cat continues to walk in front of Shizuku, as though it is teasing her.

It walks into a store.

There is a golden pig standing in front of the door.

Shizuku walks in.

The store has a mysterious feeling to it...
Antique chairs
Model ships
Wood carvings of horses
Doll houses
Persian rugs
There is also a cat statue standing on a table
It is a majestic looking cat statue....dressed in a suit from head to toe, with a regal look on his face

Shizuku can't help but admire it.....but........did it just move?

An old man gets up behind a working desk. He welcomes Shizuku to stay and browse through the store. He says the Baron enjoys the company. The Baron? It is the name of the cat statue.

The old man walks up to an antique grandfather clock. He explains to Shizuku the clock was once part of a castle, but now it is old and rustic. He opens his hand and shows her a piece from the clock. It is a beautiful carving of a king. The old man then winds the clock, and pushes it forward. As the clock struck 12, a mini door below the clock face open to reveal working five dwarfs dancing and working in a mine. The old man then points to the clock face. Slowly a circular window at the eighth hour opened and the face of the King appears and looks up. Atop the clock appears a fairy who looks sadly down at the King, with tears in her eye.

The old man explains, the King and the Queen live in different world. Only for a brief moment when it strikes 12 o'clock can that they be reunited.

Shizuku is mesmerized by the clock. But suddenly, she realizes how late it is. Thanking the old man quickly for his hospitality and accepting his invitation to come again, she quickly runs back to the library.

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