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Shizuku is so happy. She feels she has found the most wonderful place in the world and she cannot wait to go back again. As she runs to up the stairs to the library, she hears her name being called. It is the boy who was sitting on the school bench, now riding towards her on a bike. He is carrying her father's lunch bag. Shizuku had forgotten it at the store. She asks how come he has it. He tells her to think about it herself. Then she notices the cat is sitting on the back of the bike. As he rides away, she shouts to ask if the cat is his, his reply "you must eat a lot..that lunch box is pretty big!" Shizuku is fuming once again.

Shizuku greets her Father in the library and gives him the lunch. After he questioned about her sulking face, she tells him she was very happy today until someone came and splashed a pail of cold water on her.

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