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It is the start of a new semester at school. It is raining, how appropriate. Shizuku and her Mom, also studying, both prepare to go to school.

Yuko and Shizuku meet up on the way to school. Shizuku asks if she has responded to her love letter. Yuko has decided to reject it. Sugimura is walking just ahead and shouts to Shizuku to hurry up while Yuko blushes.

In class, they are writing an exam. After they are finish, Sugimura excitedly talks to Shizuku while Yuko stands aside. Shizuku tries to bring Sugimura and Yuko together in a conversation, but Sugimura is not very responsive. During lunch break, Shizuku takes the book with the stamp "Amasawa" to one of the older teachers. Shizuku wonders if he knows who Amasawa is. The teacher says he used to be a chairman of the PTA. Another teacher overhears and mentions that the people who donated the book to the school library has a son in the same grade as Shizuku. He asks whether Shizuku knows him. Shizuku blushes and quickly runs away.

Yuko wants to know why Shizuku reacted so strangely. Before Shizuku can answer, she sees the boy on the bench walking towards her in the school hall. Shizuku takes a deep breath and walks directly towards him. They both stare straight ahead as though neither exist, and pass by each other shoulder to shoulder. When he is out of the earshot, Shizuku angrily criticizes him for not acknowledging her.

Later, Shizuku and Yuko sit to eat lunch with two of their friends. Yuko has told the others about the mysterious boy and they all tease Shizuku about him. To get them to stop, Shizuku takes out her newly revised translation of Country Roads. She tells her she had difficulty translating the worlds because she doesn't really understand the country side.

Her friends read over the words and begin to sing the song. They love what Shizuku has written. Shizuku is happy.

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