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When the day is finally over, Shizuku smiles and runs off to the library again. On her way there, she remembers the mysterious store and heads to it.

Back at the school, students are still there for after school activities. Sugimura stands in the hall. When Yuko passes by, he asks to talk to her.

Shizuku arrives at the store only to notice the store is closed. She peers inside and notices that the Baron is not on the table. Shizuku looks at the store sign outside; it is called Earth House. On the sign there is also the name Shiro Nishi. Shizuku guesses it must be the old man's name.

That night, Shizuku receives a distressing phone call from Yuko, and runs out to meet her immediately. Yuko is in tears. Sugimura was talking to Yuko after school only because it was his friend who wrote the love letter to Yuko. Sugimura asks Yuko why she hasn't responded to his friend yet.

Flash back: Yuko yells at Sugimura "How can you say such a think to me?!?!?!?"

Yuko tells Shizuku she is too upset to go to school and will miss school the next day despite missing an exam.

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