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In class the next day, Yuko's seat is empty. During the exam, Shizuku looks over at Sugimura and whispers to him "stupid".

That day after school, as she is walking home, Sugimura calls out to her and asks to talk to her about Yuko.

They go to talk under shades of trees in the park. Sugimura doesn't understand why Yuko was so upset the other day. Shizuku tries to explain it to Sugimura but he doesn't understand. Shizuku blurts out, "Yuko likes you! Don't you understand how upset she is that she can't even come to school." Sugimura is stunned, and hesitates, but then states "but that's not possible because I like you!" Shizuku turns away, "don't make jokes," she whispers. "But I'm speaking the truth...don't you know I've had a crush on you?" "That can't be." "Is it because you have a boyfriend?" Shizuku cannot bear to look up. "No...but... but....sorry!!" Shizuku gets up and runs away. Sugimura grabs her arm. "Shizuku, please just tell me the truth." Shizuku does not look at him but replies, "I like you, but I like you as a friend....I'm sorry, I don't know what to say..." Sugimura is devastated.... "we can only be just friends....always?" He releases his grip on her. "I understand." He picks up his bag and leaves.

Shizuku walks home, oblivious to everything else. She cries on her desk and blames herself for being so stupid.

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