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Shizuku goes back outside. Silently, quietly, sadly, she walks back to the store. It is still closed. She sighs. She had hoped a visit to the store will rekindle the happiness she had there.

She spots the cat in front of the store. She talks to the cat, but it looks away. Shizuku smiles, "You are not likeable, just like me….I don't understand what changed….I used to be likeable….even my interest in reading is disappearing…something inside me tells me I must do something to change.." Shizuku sits dejectedly in front of the store.

Unexpectedly, the boy on the bench rides up to the store to see Shizuku sitting there. He approaches her. He comments that he is surprised that Moon (the cat) lets her pat it. According to the boy, Moon belongs to nobody. It wanders from family to family. Shizuku excitedly tells the boy how she saw Moon on the train and was subsequently led to the store. Shizuku says the Moon is just like her, not likeable. The boy blazes that she is nothing like Moon, and begins to stammers.

Both children are shy and look awkwardly at each other. Shizuku asks if the old man is okay. She has come by twice already and the store has been closed. The boy comments he is fine, it's just that this is a really weird store and rarely opens its doors. Shizuku wonders if the Baron has been sold. The boy says no…and tells her to follow him to the back entrance. Walking along the side of the house, Shizuku sees the house is high above the rest of the city. The view from the back porch is beautiful…she gasps for air….. "I feel like I'm floating on air"….

The boy takes her inside the house. They are in the basement: a workshop, with piano, cello, violin. He leads her up the stairs, back to the store.

Shizuku immediately notices that the clock is gone. The boy explains it was only brought here to be fixed. It was broken for 3 years and only on the day that Shizuku came back with her lunch box that it was finally fixed. The reminder of the lunchbox makes Shizuku flusters and she tries to explain the lunchbox wasn't hers. The boy tells her he knew that.

The boy puts the Baron on the table and moves it around…trying to position it….tells Shizuku to come look before the light disappears….she stares into its eyes…in the right light, they shine like they brightest jewels. The boy explains the statue will never be sold because it is a treasure to the old man, the boy's grandfather. The boy welcomes Shizuku to stay for as long as she wants, while he goes back down to the workshop.

Shizuku sits down and stares at the Baron. "I don't know why, but I feel as though I've known you from before…that is why I want to see you all the time again". The sun sets….but Shizuku still sits staring at the statue.

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