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When the song is over, the group merrily congratulate each other. Mr. Nishi's friend speaks up and says, "I didn't know Seiji had such an adorable friend." Shizuku is caught offguard and realizes it's him. He is Seiji? She turns to the boy, "You are Seiji Amasawa???" The boy smiles, "Ah, I never said my name?" Shizuku face is red. "You never did! But the name outside the store says Nishi!. The boy shakes its head. That is Grandfather's name. My name is Amasawa. Shizuku clasps her hands to her face. "It is too sudden!!!!! It's like a splash of cold water!" Seiji is getting confused, "why is it so important what's my name." Shizuku turns to him with a glare in her eyes, "why didn't you tell me your name?" Seiji stands straight, "It's your own fault, you didn't ask me." Shizuku is still baffled by the sudden news…"and I thought Seiji would be………… "What?" Seiji demands. Shizuku turns and shouts to him "handsome and be cultured!" "You read too many stores." "You read a lot too!" The old men stare at the the exchange. Then they burst out laughing….{fade}

Later, Seiji is walking Shizuku home under the night sky. Shizuku thanks him for a very fun day. She asks him whether he plans to play the violin for a career. Seiji says he'd rather be a violin maker. In Italy, he tells her, there is a special school just for teaching how to make violins. After High school (form 5 in HK, or Grade 11 in Canada, Junior Year in US) he wants to go there. Shizuku's eye widens, "You don't want to go on to senior high school?" Seiji smiles, "My family is really against it…only my Grandfather supports me….I don't know yet…" Shizuku is quiet then speaks, "You are lucky. You have already decided your future….I haven't thought about such things…I wander through every day without a goal

Before they part, Seiji tells Yuki she has a way with words…her translation for the song country roads is very good. Shizuku tries to point out that he criticized her word before, but when Seiji seemed to have forgotten, Shizuku, instead of getting mad, just smiled and thanked him again for his day.

That night, Shizuku wonders about her future...

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