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The next day it is raining. Shizuku is late for school and she runs in the rain with her umbrella. Sugimura is also running to school. They run together side by side in silence. Finally, Sigimura blurts out "Good Morning! Run quickly or else we'll be late." "You run ahead first" Shizuku replies. Sugimura glances at her, and then runs ahead. Shizuku stops. She is surprised that he actually did.

She arrives late only to realize they have been given a study hall. Yuko quickly tells her rumour has it that she spent the evening with a guy. Sugimura is looking at them, then gets up from his seat to walk toward them. Shizuku looks away, but it is Yuko that Sugimura approachs. "I have refused my friend for you" he says. He smiles and he walks away.

After school, Seiji walks down the school hallway and goes to Shizuku's homeform. He asks some male classmates by the door if this was Shizuku's homeform. The guys shout into the entire class that a boy is looking for Shizuku.

As the whole classes watch, a blushing Shizuku hurries to the classrom door and Seiji asks if she is free. The whole class cheers loudly while Sugimura looks away. Shizuku yells at her classmates they are just friends while continuing to blush loudly.

Outside, Seiji tells her, "finally, Italy!" The whole class is evasdropping so Shizuku leads him up to the roof.

On the roof, Shizuku turns to Seiji and ask why he did that in front of so many people. Seiji says he just wanted her to be the first to know the good news. Shizuku says shly, "it's okay…let them think what they think."

"There is a condition though," said Seiji, "Grandfather has a friend in a factory and I'm going to go work there for a while as an apprentice for two months. I hear that boss is very tough..and he'll see if I have the talent..and I'll also get to see if I can do it…if I can't then I must continue with school…it is a good chance."

"when are you leaving?" asked Shizuku.
"as soon as I get my passport.."
"so soon" whispers Shizuku. She smiles, "that's great, you realized your dream"
They both try to speak but then both stop.

The rain has stopped. They look out at the view beyond them.
Shizuku speaks, "I was hoping it would be good if I went to the same high school as you…but the truth is, there are so much difference between us."

Meanwhile, Shizuku friends have snuck onto the roof and hide behind the door.

Shizuku and Seiji are quiet.
"the truth is," says Seiji, "I've known about you for a long time because of the library card. We've also met together many times in the library, did you notice that?"
Shizuku shook her head
"I've also tried to sit next to you…it is to make sure that my name is on a lot of library cards…I've read many books. Shizuku, in Italy, I will sing your song to encourage myself"
Shizuku look sup to him, "I will too".

At this moment, her friends tumble out from the door to reveal themselves.
Shizuku and Seiji both blush deeply and then Shizuku quickly chase after them. Her friends are waiting by the stairs to congratuate her, but instead they see that Shizuku is in tears.

That day, Shizuku walks home by herself.

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