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Later that night, she goes to visit Yuko.

"Boys are different," says Yuko.
"He says he'll be back in 2 months, but then he might go away to study again for 10 years" "quite romantic," Yuko replies.
"But we are too different," says a crushed Shizuku, "I wander aimlessly while he is so high above me."
"I don't understand you. You can't fall in love if you don't have a life goal?"
"He is going to challenge himself," says Shizuku, "I must go to challenge myself too. I've deicded. I am going to write a story. I must follow him."
"it is almost exam" protests Yuko.
Shizuku doesn't seem to have heard.
"Thank you, I've regained my energy."

As she walks home, Shizuku smiles jubiantly.
She seems Moon in the a streets chased by a call calling MoonMomo. Shizuku smiles. Another name for Moon.

That night, Shizuku starts writing. It is a story she has titled "Whisper of the Heart".
While the rest of the city darkens, Shizuku's desk light remains on.

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