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The next day, Shizuku visits the Mr. Nishi. She wants to use the Baron as the leader character in her story and asks for his permission. Mr. Nishi says it is not a problem, but under the one condition that he must be the first person to read her story.

"Do I have to," Shizuku asks, "I don't think up to the standard."

Mr. Nishi laughs, "There is no need to set such high standards when one first start out." He goes to his shelf and brings out a rock for Shizuku and tells her to look closely. She looks…within the cracks of the stone, there is a sparkle. He shines a light from behind the stone. There comes a green glow…it is beautiful….it shimmers brightly…it is a family of the emerald The old man compares Seiji and Shizuku to the rock: neither of them have been polished and they must spend time polishing their skills. Once the stone is polished, there may be even better things. Shizuku promises to work hard and let the old man be the first to read her story.

On the way home, Shizuku enters wonderland. The Baron talks her and invites her to an adventure.

Leaping in the clouds
Soaring through the sky…

Back to real life, Shizuku vows to work hard

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