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Mr. Nishi is sitting quietly in his rocking chair when suddenly, he hears the door opening. A young lady, in an old white dress and white hat comes walking in. Mr. Nishi smiles and reaches out to her. "Louise, you are finally back but I'm already old…" he awakens from his dream. But then there he hears a door opening; it is Shizuku.

Her story is finished and she has brought it for him. Could he read it immediately? Shizuku will wait until he is finished.

But it is her hard work, he protests, and he wants to read it carefully.

But Shizuku is anxious; she is nervous; she is afraid…she needs to know. Mr. Nishi agrees.

Night falls...
Shizuku waits sitting outside on the balcony in the cold. Finally, the Mr. Nishi is finish. He comes out to the balcony. "Thank you," he says, "you wrote it very well" Shizuku shakes in protest. "It's false, it's a lie, please tell the truth…I didn't get to say what I want to say, and it is a complete mess, not clear at all"

Mr. Nishi agrees, "it is true that it is rough, the pen is unfamiliar, but it's signs of a beginner, just like when Seiji just started learning to make a violin. Your effort was seen, but there is no rush. All you need is some time to polish your work."

Shizuku hears his words, and bursts into tears….

Shizuku tells Mr. Nishi she understands now that heart is not enough. She must continue to go to school if she wants to improve…and when she was writing she was very afraid.

"You really like Seiji, don't you?" Mr. Nishi asks.

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