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Back in the house, they are eating two big bowls of noodles. Mr. Nishi remembers that when Seiji finished his first violin, he also ate an extra big bowl of noodles.

During tea, Mr. Nishi tells Shizuku how he first came to meet the Baron. It was in Germany that he first saw it. He liked it so much that he begged the store keeper to sell it to him. But the store keeper refused because the Baron has a partner and they cannot be separated. Louise was away for repairs and would not be back for a while. But Mr. Nishi had to rush back to Japan. It was only after Mr. Nishi's girlfriend (the woman who appeared in the white dress) promised to return to buy Louise to reunite the pair that the storekeeper finally allowed Mr. Nishi to buy the Baron. Later, Mr. Nishi had to leave and he promised to return, but because WWII broke out and it would be the last time he ever saw his girlfriend. After the war, he tried to find his girlfriend and Louise, but it would not be.

Mr. Nishi gets up and gives Shizuku a present: it is the piece of stone from before. It is perfect for her to keep. "For you," he says, "keep on working hard."

When Shizuku goes home, she apologizes to her Mother for having worried her, and from now on, she will work hard at school. Later, when her father comes to see her, Shizuku is already fast asleep.

Father: "The warrior finally rests" He tucks her in.

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