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They come to a point high up on the hills…

"We made it just in time, tired?"
Shizuku, panting replies "no."

"This way" says Seiji.
Shizuku looks up……she sees that all is calm…a sea of grey clouds..with only the peaks of houstops. "Amazing, it's almost like a huge sea"

"This is my secret place…just wait a bit longer"

The sun rises….brilliance….the two stand quietly….smiling………..

"I've always wanted to show you this view," says Seiji. "I've heard about your story from Grandpa…I was so concerned about myself that I neglected to encourage you."

Shizuku shakes her head. "It is because of Seiji that I had the motivation…I've grown a lot…at least now I understand myself more……I've already decided I should work hard and do well in senior high school"

"Shizuku, I…..I…I know now it is very impossible…but I hope you can marry me! One day, I will be a famous violin maker, and then……."

Shizuku blushes, smiles and nods her head.

"really???" asks Seiji.

"Yes, I'm very happy…I hope it will happen too."
"Yes!!!" shouts out Seiji.

"Wait, it is very cold."

But Seiji does not hear this. He opens his arm and to take in Shizuku. "Shizuku, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The End

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